Litigation is never fun for the parties involved.  The costs of litigation often equal or surpass the damages sought.  The uncertainties of litigation often cause undue stress on the parties.  Litigation can cause participants to place their lives on hold because they do not know what their future holds.

Mediation is a way for parties to a dispute to reach an out-of-court settlement with the assistance of a "neutral" mediator.  The mediator does not represent either party to the dispute.  Rather, the mediator assists the parties in coming to an amicable settlement of their dispute so that they can put the dispute to rest and get on with their lives.

Parties can mediate their disputes either before or after litigation is filed.  By mediating first, the parties may be able to completely avoid the costs of litigation.  By mediating after litigation has commenced, the parties may be able to avoid additional litigation costs and uncertainty.  

Mediations are completely confidential.  Neither party may use statements made by the other party in litigation.  Thus, there is little to no risk involved.  

Kevin Kuhn has over thirty-years' experience litigating complex business and personal disputes.  He has participated in dozens of mediations.  As a mediator, Mr. Kuhn strives to understand the factual and legal issues involved in each case before the mediation.   Contact KUHN FIRM P.C. now to find out more about our mediation services.